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Have you ever wished for your own IT department but without all the associated costs?

As well as supporting you directly from our office, we can provide IT organisation plans for remote support.

As well as supporting you directly from our office, we can provide IT organization plans for remote support.

We can assist you and your staff, providing great IT support and a helping hand whenever they need it and it won’t cost your business the earth. Get in touch for pricing.

For remote IT support users we provide a dedicated support helpline and using our advanced remote support technology, we can fix your IT problems from the comfort of your office chair.

Our support can scale with the size and location of your business. 

Technology and smart phone devices

How Does It Work?

Once signed up, we provide a local rate helpline number.

You and your staff can ring this number within working hours to talk to one of our experienced technicians.

A log of your calls and Remote assistance is made in your account.

What Kind Of Problems Can We Help With?

We are able to solve over 90% of standard PC issues remotely; the top few issues are highlighted here.


Need help to set up a signature or send and receive is not working properly? No matter who your email provider is or how your computer is setup, we want to assist you.

File Downloads and Strange File Formats

Sometimes an extra large or awkward file can be a pain to download. Do you then have the right software to open or run the file?

Removing Spyware

Browsing the web can attract all sorts of nasties, lurking around and spying on what you do. If you need help removing this problem, we can help.

PC Backup

Always talked about but never quite got around to setting it up? Our IT engineers can help you setup your backup and take you through the whole process to restore.


Every day, your PCs can be attacked by a deluge of viruses, from minor annoyances to very serious problems. Happily, at just a call away, we can help remove and sort these problems and set-up your anti-virus.

Software Installation & Updates

It always seems a good idea at the time, to install the latest productivity software. When you need help to overcome any problems and errors encountered trying to get this done, we’re here for you.


Whether you can no longer print or are having issues installing a new printer, we want to assist you.

PC Security

System security is such an important issue, especially when connected to the internet, we are able to help keep you safe on the web.

Windows Errors

Why put up with random errors and crashing when most issues can be easily fixed? Lets, try to remove the frustration that it can cause, we want to assist you.
Other common issues include:

Software Installation

More Info

Help install and set-up common software applications and where possible, any legal and licensed software you own.

Software Support

More Info

“How to” support for common applications, such as Microsoft and Adobe software, however we will try and work out how to use any of your software when you need our help.

Internet And Email Setup

More Info

Help set up internet and email accounts.

Internet and E-mail Support

More Info

Troubleshoot common internet and email issues on your PC.

Peripheral Setup

More Info

Help install printers, cameras, mice and keyboards; troubleshoot common issues.

Peripheral Support

More Info

“How to” support for common peripherals.

Network Setup and Troubleshooting

More Info

From basic help to set-up and/or diagnose peer-to-peer wireless and Ethernet networks between 2 systems and a printer to more complex setups that might require VPN for remote workers and so-on.


Spyware and Virus Diagnosis and Removal

More Info

Help troubleshoot and remove most virus and spy-ware.

Security Setup and Support

More Info

Help with basic configuration and installation of key security software (purchased separately by customer); setup virus scan and personal firewall.


Third party plug-ins

More Info

Setting these up are at your own risk, i.e. if we install something that you have requested that is not fully compatible or causes other issues with your computer or software.


Setting up freeware or shareware

More Info

These are done at your own risk, if we install something that may not be fully tested or compatible with you computer system

Software upgrades or new software releases

More Info

As long as you have the installation files and appropriate license / software keys, we can help you with this.

Operating System Installation and Support

More Info

Help installing, upgrading and setting up Windows operating systems. Help with re-installations as needed to resolve spyware or virus issues. Help with OS maintenance and “how to” questions.


PC Health Check

More Info

Designed to help optimise the performance of systems and reduce security risks, through a session where we run a set of customisable tasks on the system to identify issues, potential issues and solutions.

Data Backup

More Info

Help setup or manage backup routines.


Third party plug-ins

More Info

Setting these up are at your own risk, i.e. if we install something that you have requested that is not fully compatible or causes other issues with your computer or software.

What is not included with IT organisation?

  • Non remote assistance; either on-site or at-home engineer call-out.
  • Support when compatibility of the system to the software is in question or configuration is invalid.
  • Remote or on-site training services.
  • Scripting, programming, database design or web development.
  • Product keys for activation.
  • Recovery of lost data or software.
  • Support arising from accidental or intentional damage.
  • Research on your behalf (e.g. please find me some free compatible software that does this for my computer). You must always provide the software or working link to the software that you require.
  • Providing software upgrades or new software releases, you provide and we can help install or upgrade.
  • Support or installation of software where you do not have a license to do these.

This list is not exhaustive and additional exclusions may added by Techs 4 Tech from time to time. Upgrades are at your risk.

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