Vic C – Click For More Details

Vic C – Click For More Details
South East England
IT Director/CIO | Business-Focused IT Strategy | IT Operation Design | Project/Program Management | Digital & Organisational Transformation
Experience Highlights
Over 35 years of experience in IT Software, Infrastructure, Development, Integration, Security, Data, Support Services, Governance across Banking, Government, Manufacturing, NHS, Consultancy.
Training and Qualifications
Structured Programming & Analysis In COBOL  Introduction to Micro Computers  Programming & Development in DATABASE
Development in PMW (Project Manager Workbench)  Programming & Development in Automator QA
Management & Operating OTS (Open Trading System)  ISDN Management & Support  Banyan Vines Administration

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Honours) in Applied Science
A Transformer takes a tenacious and proactive approach to uncover and remove obstacles, alleviate negativity, realign processes, and people to sharpen competitive edge. Evokes collaboration, injects team spirit, leads and teaches by example, promotes career and personal development. Assertive, precise, and confident communicator, simplifies technical jargon, acts with integrity, and drives accountability. Champions change using talent and technology
About Me - Personal Info
I am a professionally qualified individual dedicated to the Digital industry. With over 35 years of experience in IT Software, Infrastructure, Development, Integration, Support Services, and Governance.

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