Kalpesh P – Click For More Details

Kalpesh P – Click For More Details
East Midlands
Infrastructure | Windows OS | Security | 3rd Party Engagement | Establishing rapport | Getting the best product with limited budget
Experience Highlights
Head of IT for over 5 years, 10 years in management, combined with 20 years in working with IT Infrastructure.
Training and Qualifications
BSc (Hons) Computer Studies | ILM Level 5 | Former MBCS
I am a dedicated IT Professional with over 20 years' experience in IT (Private, Public and NFP sectors), 10 of which have been in management. Two successive promotions during 12 years from Senior IT Engineer, IT Manager and now Head of IT. My key strengths lie in achieving excellent team collaboration and work ethic, effective buy-in from peers and the board. I have strong negotiating skills with 3rd parties and my current role is split between 60% management and 40% technical. I relish the next challenge!
About Me - Personal Info
I have a strong work ethic, integrity and focus on completing/finishing the task. I used to enjoy playing football pre-covid19 and look forward to getting on the field again once conditions allow.

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