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Techs 4 Tech believe that it is important for any business to know that they are getting the most out of their tech.

As well as being amazing IT Techs, our VoIP solution has unrivalled functionality, reliability and value in a simple manageable solution. Implementing the right phone system to your business is critical. VoIP goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional phone system by adding unparalleled features, control, call management and cost savings.

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A New Way of Working

How businesses buy and sell is changing, we have provided a response to the new way of working.

Our unique, professionally managed service gives you flexibility and control and our small and medium solutions provide zero commitment after the first three months.

Small Business Packages
Branding Guidelines are important for any size of business
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Small Business Packages

UK Wide IT Directors

Our IT experts will assist you strategically, offer advice on improvements you could make and take a vested interest in your long-term success.

Rest assured knowing that you have a team of like minded people on hand to help grow your businesses and improve your sales.

Get in touch today to see how we could support your business.

Our Experience

We don’t just talk the talk, we know how to walk the walk.

Our team have a huge range of experience over many companies and sectors. We can support your business to help it grow, whether you’re a small family owned company or a large global entity. You can rest assured that out talented team of IT Directors are on hand to give your business the advice and support you need to achieve your goals.

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Our team of experts are on hand to help your business become stronger than ever

Drop In To See Us

We can solve most of your technical problems remotely, but we also offer drop in support at any of our hubs, so you can get expert face to face help with your business tech.

That’s not all! If you’re struggling to learn new software, or if you’re looking for some advice, we also offer free to attend drop in sessions at our hubs.  We can train you on new software, demonstrate new techniques and you even get free cups of tea or coffee.



How We Can Help You

We offer a range of services designed to support and boost the performance of your company’s tech. We have teams based in the UK who are on hand to help you with your tech based needs, from installing new software to helping with your company’s cyber security system.

Hardware & Software

Install & Setup

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Any new purchase, whether hardware or software, can cause conflict unless installed correctly, assuming it’s okay to install in the first place. In some instances, something may need to be removed in advance of installation. For example, running multiple anti-virus products is never a good idea!

This normally means that as your local IT professional, with the experience of different configurations, would have a better idea of what to do to ensure your install succeeds.

We would suggest that any new hardware or software installation is carried out by Techs 4 Tech in order to give you the best possible performance.

Your Local IT Professional – Techs 4 Tech.

Repairs & Upgrades

PCs, laptops & phones

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Like any machine, but more specifically, the parts that make up a PC or laptop, such as the hard drive, power support, screen etc. they will stop working over time. Furthermore, hardware can become damaged or obsolete, requiring specialist attention.

Techs 4 Tech can replace damaged components or upgrade them, providing the quality assurance you would expect from an expert.

Whether you are a small or medium business, our local Techs 4 Tech team can also advise the best route to take; repair, upgrade or replace, dependent on your particular circumstances and usage. This is in addition to any general advice and support we are able to give.


Connectivity Issues

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Everyone experiences internet connectivity issues at some stage and the reasons vary. Perhaps there is incompatibility with the equipment used, software conflicts, wiring or even something as simple as the wrong time of day.

Whatever the issues you experience, it can cause frustration and loss of productive work time and we will work through the issues systematically to fix and advise what steps need to be taken to resolve.

Cyber Security

Computer Protection & Security

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There are large volumes of spam and other security threats causing issues to systems around the world on a daily basis; you may also hear of high profile hacking cases in the media or huge networks of illegally controlled computers, called botnets, allowing further attacks to happen on a massive scale.

Criminal gangs and individual hackers seek to access computers and networks with weak security, in order to take them over for their illegal purposes. It could just be from an innocent download which contains a Trojan, to a malicious hacker targeting your computer’s IP address or wireless network. We are here to review, advise and/or fix your system security.

We can also create controls, for example, to make sure that staff don’t spend all their time on social media sites!


Wireless Networks & Setup

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With your broadband connection, you may already have a wireless facility that will do exactly what you need, however many companies and sole traders have realised that the functionality afforded by these devices can sometimes at best be intermittent, weak or just very difficult to setup correctly.

If you need to configure and set up a wireless network, ensure it is secured or want to add additional equipment like a repeater, or need a wired solution, then we may be able to suggest additions or alternatives that may help you improve your experience and ensure it’s setup correctly.

Backup Solutions

Data Backup – Install & Setup

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Especially with GDPR regulations, whether it’s your clients details or last year’s accounts, any loss of data can be a huge loss to your business and not all data is recoverable. In order to prevent this, systems need to be in place to have a backup.

Our IT professionals can arrange or advise of the solutions available for your particular circumstances. Where you might need to restore your backup, move data from one device to another or from an old computer to a new one, we can help.

Peripherals Help

Install & Setup

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Cloud Services

Help & Advice

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PC Optimise

Help & Advice

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Some of our clients


What People Are Saying

What I thought was the end of my computer turned out to be nothing more than some malware I had inadvertently downloaded. I saved over £400 for a new laptop and I am grateful for the advice provided, I highly recommend Techs 4 Tech.
Admin Hotline

Thank you for the attention to detail you provided to get our printer working from any of our computers and sorting out our network. Will keep on using you whenever we get new equipment. Thanks.
The DM Hub

Problem solved in 10 minutes, what a convenient place with top notch experts!
IntoSums Accounting

My laptop has a new lease of life with a solid state drive and 20GB of ram, it can handle everything I’ll throw at it in for the next two years and it’s better for the environment. Good on you guys!
BCDS Services


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